Waiting for Spring

Waiting for Spring is made easier when we start finally seeing the sprouting flower across the garden!From Daffodils to snowdrops starting to peak out from underneath the cold soil. Its now that time of year when we start seeing the life grow again through out the garden, very satisfying and beautiful too see the early bloomers come out to play. Lucky the bamboo however is green all year round, at least it gives some colour to all of the lifeless plants, reassuring us that spring is just around the corner! Nice to see that the moles have found is home between the snowdrops.

Summer Palace Progress

A small update of the Summer Palace and what has been going on. Coming on slowly through these cold winter months, but now as the days are getting longer and lighter its becoming easier to progress and work. Chris has just made an extended outdoor porch/ seating area in front of the up-cycled barrelled plant pots that are nearly sprouting, also the pond/fountain that is still incomplete is nearly ready for a clean out and for pipe work to be installed. And for the rest of the Summer Palace there is a lot more to be done, the inside has still not been touched but we are waiting for the sun to come out so we can carry on this amazing project.